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How to Use Cycling for weight loss [A Definitive Guide]

Losing weight is a top priority for people of all ages. In an effort to shed extra pounds, individuals try different approaches such as lifestyle changes, dieting, and exercising. Cycling is one of the most popular strategies for weight loss.

Cycling for weight loss

Cycling can be a fun activity, but when used for weight loss, it requires a structured workout. It’s a great way to achieve various goals like fitness, health, and competition. As you spend more time on the bike, weight loss will occur naturally.

People are concerned about their appearance and will try anything to achieve a good body. Biking is a low-intensity exercise suitable for all ages, making it an excellent option for fat-burning.

However, there is often doubt about whether cycling for weight loss is effective. This guide aims to provide clarity on the subject.

Is Cycling a Smart Strategy for Weight Loss

If you want to fit into a favorite dress before a big event, make cycling your new best friend. Studies show that people who are successful in losing weight can maintain it in the long term with proper diet and lifestyle regulation.

No matter your genetics, when combined with a balanced diet, cycling can result in lean muscle mass and a healthy weight. It’s not only a great way to burn fat, but it also offers numerous other benefits.

1. Longer Cycling Time

Do you want to stay fit all the time? Although that may not be possible, cycling can help you achieve your goal. With the right strategies and diet, you’ll see a big change.

Cycling is a low-impact exercise, making it ideal for people with joint issues or arthritis. As long as you have the right bike for endurance training and warm up properly, you can enjoy the activity for longer periods without stressing your joints.

2. Low-Impact Activity

Do you suffer from joint pain? Excess weight can contribute to it. Cycling is an excellent strategy for overall health maintenance.

Whether you prefer outdoor cycling or using a stationary bike at home, it’s a low-impact activity as the person’s weight is supported by the bicycle, resulting in a low power-to-weight ratio. It’s a great exercise for beginners.

3. Improves Aerobic Endurance

Cycling helps with aerobic exercise and improves endurance, which is crucial for losing weight quickly and maintaining a healthy weight long term. It increases the number of carbohydrates and fat burned in an hour, building better aerobic capacity.

As a result, maintaining a healthy body composition will be easier. You can also try interval training to build muscle mass more quickly.

4. Adaptable Activity

Recovery and rest are essential when following an exercise program. Harder exercises require a longer recovery time, which can be a few days.

Cycling is a moderate-intensity activity that results in high power output with low injury. It also helps maintain cardiovascular fitness.

Cycling can be fun and convenient even if you choose a stationary bike for your home. There are advanced bikes available that show you how many calories you’ve burned after a few minutes of exercise.

5. Easily Incorporated into Your Life

If you have no time for exercise, cycling for weight loss can be a great solution. You don’t have to carve out hours from your routine to work out. You can slip in a workout anytime you want.

With proper endurance training, you can have an easy weight loss journey and maintain a healthy weight in the long term.

Why Do People Doubt Cycling for Weight Loss

Cycling is known to be great for aerobic fitness, weight loss, and cardiovascular health, but there are some drawbacks.

before and after cycling for weight loss

People still question whether biking is good for weight loss. If you also doubt, check the details to get better information.

1.  No check on Energy Consumption

There is a logic behind the statement as all cycling will not address energy consumption.

When you do not address the energy expenditure, there will be no amount of bike riding that will help you burn fat to maintain good body weight.

It will be helpful to restrict your natural sugar intake and go for high-intensity workouts for more weight loss. Further, having a proper weight management plan will be helpful for you. You need to understand cross-training and know how cycling can be used for weight loss.

2.  Strengthen and Toned the Lower Body

The exercise that ensures the highest energy expenditure generally includes weight bearing, hiking, and running. Cycling is meant for the lower body. But again, the fact will only be important when you are exercising to shed extra pounds.

Biking for Weight Loss — Effective Strategies to Maximize Your Results

Have you cycled during your childhood? Do you know it can make a major change in your life?

Well, cycling has got multiple benefits. Besides bringing friends together, it also works well for burning fat. You can try not to forget the worries of excess weight.

Cycling is known to be quite a fun and creative way to shred some extra weight. In fact, it is quite diverse for weight management. But many people generally require encouragement to follow the same routine.

When trying to burn calories, you need to stay consistent. The tips here will help you know how to carry on with your regular cycling to support your efforts and burn fat faster.

1.  Connect with Cycling Enthusiasts and Make New Friends

Connect with Cycling Enthusiasts and Make New Friends in cycling for weight loss

Bring back the fun in your life with bike rides. Go out for a ride with your friends or family to enjoy a good time while losing weight.

Research has shown that social support, especially having a workout buddy, will be quite helpful for you to follow a regular routine.

Here consistency is extremely important for better endurance training. Whether you plan on outdoor biking or indoor activity, having a partner will help you.

In fact, when you have someone to work out with, you can even go ahead with a lightweight, high-intensity workout, physical activity, or more based on your needs.

Remember, you need to start at a moderate pace and then level up things with experience.

It will not take more than a search to find cycling clubs where you can easily find partners. This will help you use cycling for weight loss and enjoy a great ride.

2.  Rev Up Your Cycling Routine with High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Get back the confidence to wear your favorite dress with lifestyle changes. Including cycling in your routine will be highly effective. Within no time, you will see a major change in your weight.

The fat loss process in the body happens through oxidation and metabolism of the stored fat cells. When the body starts to metabolize the triglycerides, you will exhale the by-product. Simply put, the fat-burning process will be fast when you release more carbon dioxide.

So bike rides that include intense efforts and short rides are proven to be a great fat burner. It is the HIIT workouts that will help get a fit body. For this, you must consider going for workouts twice a week.

3.  Maximize Performance with Strength Training

Maximize Performance with Strength Training in cycling for weight loss

Cycling has been known to help the person build muscles. When you lose muscles, it can greatly impact your metabolism. So, you will have difficulty in weight management. Besides, it also restricts the power that you will apply to the pedals.

Strength training is the right solution. Make sure to lift weight at least 2 to 3 days weekly to build lean muscle tissue. This will help you stay stronger on the bike and also have better metabolism activities. So you can use more energy throughout the day.

4.  Set a realistic weight loss goal

Setting realistic goals is the most basic thing to do when hoping for calorie loss. Health experts generally advise the person to lose about 1 to 2 pounds per week.

For this, you will have to burn about a thousand calories more than you consume regularly. With a healthy diet, proper hydration, doctor’s advice, and careful planning, you will see progress toward your goal.

5.  Decide your own pace 

Bike riding for weight loss surely will be a fun activity. But you will have to decide your own pace for weight loss. You will burn more calories when you try to ride harder and faster.

But riding at a moderate pace will be quite challenging. This will actually maximize your chances of success.

However, when you continue to ride along the same road, your body adapts to it. It will be helpful if you switch routes to make progress and turn bike rides to burn calories into an effective strategy.

Make sure you plan everything from your meals, hours of cycling outdoors, the equipment, and the precautions. This will ensure your efforts to lose weight are successful.

But remember, over-training can be dangerous. So you must avoid overdoing the same. With the proper pace, you will be able to lose body fat.

6.  Cross Training

Everyone loves the idea of working from home. But do you know it has become a major contributor to weight gain? You can consider bringing a stationary cycle indoors to work on your health. 

Cycling for weight loss is known to be quite effective, but you also need to combine it with other training plans to lose extra pounds.

It will improve your efficiency and guarantee you burn even more calories. The workouts are quite effective for maintaining that optimum health.

When you don’t like biking, you can simply go ahead with strength training to burn calories.

7.  Regulate your diet

The idea of enjoying a movie night with some snacks is a go-to move for many. However, binge eating can contribute to weight gain. If you are tired of trying different diet plans to lose weight, biking might be the remedy. 

Cycling for weight loss can be fun and effective. But you must know it also requires you to go ahead with proper workouts to maintain optimum health.

For this, taking a good amount of nutrition and following a proper diet are important. You can talk to your doctor to get a better idea about the same. He will help you plan your calorie intake for optimum energy.

Having three meals a day will offer adequate nutrients for weight management. After all, a calorie deficit can result in a complication. So, you need to keep an eye on your food intake.

Besides, you also need to ensure that you are not taking in too many calories. You must resist all the temptations of packed foods, beverages, alcohol, fried food items, and more. They are all a part of a bad diet that results in weight gain.

You must keep in mind that bike riding for weight loss is a slow process. But with proper consistency and hard work, you will surely reach the level you want. Just remember to eat a proper diet. This will help maintain energy levels for exercise.

8.  Keep a check on your progress

Keeping a check on your progress is extremely important to keep yourself motivated and work towards your weight loss goal. Make sure you keep an eye on some metrics to check your progress.


Make sure that you weigh yourself at least once a week at the same time of the day. You can do it in the morning as it is the most popular time to get the ideal body.

Body fat percentage 

Using skinfold calipers is affordable for measuring body parts. But you can also use the fat scale to determine the percentage.

Body measurement

Make sure to measure each body part to track your progress. You will want to do it at least for your arms, waist, and legs to properly understand your progress.

Maintaining a training record will be helpful to know if cycling for weight loss is effective for you and make plans based on it.

Cycling for Weight Loss — Conclusion

People generally question whether is biking good for weight loss. It is a steady exercise done indoors or outdoors for better health.

But besides this, you also need to keep an eye on your calorie intake. Remember to follow the safety tips while cycling to follow the race pace and get the benefits for your body.

Still, if you have any suggestions or doubts or something that I have missed, feel free to drop a comment below. I will be more than happy to assist you with your query. Please follow our Facebook Page for more guides like this.

Bike Riding for Weight Loss — FAQs

How long should I cycle?

To shred extra pounds, you must aim to go ahead with a short ride of 30 minutes daily. However, if you are experienced, cycling for one hour will help with fat burn. It will improve your weight loss efforts.

How much weight can I lose by cycling?

It is absolutely possible for the person to lose about 1-2 pounds per week with proper interval training and cycling. But it will depend entirely on your primary goal and motivation.

Do I have to cycle regularly?

Generally, cycling regularly can be quite beneficial for burning fat. You can go ahead with proper outdoor cycling or choose some indoor exercises for better success. Just remember to challenge yourself for better outcomes.


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