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5 Proven Steps to Clean Your Rusty Bike Chain

Your bike chain is a vital part that most cyclists take for granted. While they are very functional, they can also get rusty and dirty quite easily.

If your chain has rusted or is full of dirt, then you should know how to clean it properly without damaging it in any way. 

Rusty Bike chain

No matter how much rust your bike chain has accumulated, the below-listed methods are a sure-shot shortcut to the rust removal process. Keep reading to learn more about them! 

What is A Rusty Bike Chain

When a chain comes in contact with moisture, it produces a series of new chemical reactions. This whole thing is known as the oxidation process, which transforms a part of metal into an entirely new metal called iron oxide (also known as rust).

Removing Rust vs. New Bike Chain 

Removing Bike Chain Rust

If you’re like most people, you probably think of rust as a pesky enemy that needs to be fought tooth and nail. In fact, it’s estimated that Rust accounts for up to 50% of metal failures in bicycles.

But the reality is that Rust can be removed without resorting to labor-intensive techniques. There are many safe and effective methods available, and most of them are affordable.

For example, you can use Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) to remove rust from bike metal surfaces. KNO3 is a white and granular substance, so it’s easy to find and store. You can also use a combination of KNO3 and water to clean rust off surfaces. 

Just make sure to protect your skin and eyes from the harmful chemical rust remover by wearing protective gear such as goggles and gloves.

This means there is no need for a new chain until and unless your whole chain is covered in severe rust, which is not possible to treat at all.

Tools to Deep Clean Rusty Bike Chains 

If your bike is rusty and the chains are dirty, then there are a lot of quick and easy solutions. You can use a chain cleaner to deep clean the chains and get them looking like new again. 

Clean rusty bike chain

There are also special tools for cleaning bike chains that are made specifically for this purpose. By using these tools, you can make sure that your bike is free of rust and ready for another ride. 

Tools to Deep Clean Rusty Bike Chains 

The following are some of the most important ones:

1. Chain Saw

No products found.

A chain saw is great for cutting through rust and dried-on gunk on chains. Just be careful not to get too close to the chainrings, or you could end up with a nasty cut. 

2. Jars of Rust Converter 

JENOLITE Rust Converter For Metal | 5 litres (1.32...
  • RUST CONVERTER & RUST NEUTRALISER: Rust treatment for metal surfaces, quickly and effortlessly converts rust into a stable surface, ready for painting. A must rust reformer for any car rust repair kit
  • QUICK ACTING & SIMPLE TO USE: JENOLITE Rust Converter reacts and works as a rust neutralizer and rust converter, turning rust into a stable compound within 15 minutes. Simply brush, roll, or spray on the rust inhibitor for metal, directly to the rusted area for swift and efficient rust treatment. Once cured the black surface can be left as is or painted with most water or oil based paints
  • WATER BASED RUST REFORMER: Our advanced formulation is a water-based rust converter that neutralises and converts rust and acts as a rust inhibitor preventing its return. The ideal rust converter for metal, acts as a rust primer paint
  • AUTOMOTIVE USE & MORE: Ideal for ferrous metal surfaces it is the perfect rust converter / rust reformer treatment for vehicles (including cars, vans, bikes), tools, machinery, garden railings and furniture and more. Kills rust wherever it lurks
  • LONG-TERM RUST PROTECTION: Rust Converter kills rust and encapsulates it, protecting metal surfaces from rust by blocking water vapour, oxygen, carbon dioxide and chemical attack to provide for the long-term rust. Once cured it leaves a black coating that effectively acts as a primer and rust converter paint

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A Rust converter is a solution of water, liquid soap, and lubricant that helps remove rust and corrosion from metal surfaces. Use a small amount on a rag to wipe away the grunge. 

3. Rusty Bike Wrench 

AYLIFU 2 PCS Multi-Hole Bicycle Wrench Steel Galvanized...
  • Material: Multi-hole bicycle wrench is made of high quality 45 steel, durable. It is a good helper for maintaining mountain bikes.
  • Versatile design: Two multi-functional wrenches, compatible with a wide range of screw apertures, designed for removing and installing screws.
  • Ultra-thin: The designed thickness of the wrench is only 2 mm, 70% thinner than a regular wrench, ultra-thin wrenches allow you to work in tight gaps. The ultra-thin form factor is ideal for thin nuts, difficult to remove, narrow Spaces and hard-to-reach working areas.
  • Easy to use: Bicycle wrenches are designed for removing and installing screws and are small in size and easy to carry. Suitable for repairing any type of bicycle screws or accessories.
  • Versatile: These two multi-functional bicycle repair tools are ideal for bicycles, motorcycles and tricycles. You don't need multiple sets! This wrench can be placed in a back pocket or bike bag to complete the work of a variety of tools.

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A rusty bike wrench can help loosen and remove rusty bolts on bikes. Be sure to use gloves and eye protection when using this tool, as it can be dangerous if mishandled. 

4. Rubber Mallet 

Edward Tools Rubber Mallet Hammer 16 oz - Durable...
  • Durable rubber mallet hammer head for soft blow strike that doesn’t damage
  • Extra strength fiberglass handle with shock absorption design
  • Ergonomic non slip rubber grip
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A rubber mallet can be used to gently tap stubborn bolts loose so they can be cleaned with an old toothbrush or rust converter solution. Keep your arms safe by wearing protective gloves and glasses when pounding on rusty bike parts.

5. Steel Wool   

ONEEKK Cast Iron Skillet Cleaner Chainmail,2 Pack...
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  • 【HYGIENIC & REUSABLE】Our chain maille scrub mesh is made with restaurant-grade 316 stainless steel that resists rust and fiber deformation shedding, keeps away from odors and mildew for optimal longevity. It's ideal cast iron cleaning kit to instead of cast iron sponge and steel wool scrubber.
  • 【EASY TO USE, CLEAN AND STORE】Circular design enable central& outer rings superior grip. Chainmail ring size enables effective cleaning residue. Ring to hang on a hook after washing. Dishwasher safe.
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Rusty bike chains can be cleaned with a ball of steel wool soaked in lime juice. This de-rusting technique is safe to use and will help remove light rust.

Wear latex gloves before beginning to avoid getting the lime juice on your hands. Steel wool can be abrasive, so proceed with caution if you are not experienced with cleaning rusty bike chains.

6. Wire Brush 

cleaning the bike chain with wire brush

Whether you’re deep cleaning a chain or just making it look new again, a wire brush is a perfect tool for the job.

Wire Brush,Stainless Steel Wire Scratch Brush for...
  • PRACTICAL: Wire brushes are ideal for removing paint stains, rust, welding slag,solder,scale, Great for remove corrosion and more from parts, equipment, machinery and other surfaces. Also great for cleaning threads, grills or tile.
  • Ergonomic Long Curved & Durable Beech Wood handle with pre-drilled hole for hanging-Smooth finish nice naturally beech wood provides excellent hand feeling, Easy to Use.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel wire brush: wire scratch brush, solidly imbedded stainless steel bristle, Hardened steel wire for reduced wire breakage & longer life, Rugged and durable.
  • Perfect size: 14" Overall Length, Bristle Area length is 5.5", the Bristle length is about 1",Bristle Area 3X19 Row. Fine Kraft paper packaging box
  • High quality- We are a professional brush manufacturer since 1992, MAXMAN Factory has specialized in creating finest quality Wire brush, paint brush, All kinds of brushes, It integrates product development, designing, production, sales trade and one of supplier of big hardware market in U.S.A.

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They’re used on a bike chain that’s been widely exposed to rust and corrosion, to quickly remove the mess. This is especially important because angle grinders, bench grinders, and drills can damage delicate parts if they’re not clean. 

Wire brushes are available in different sizes, so you can find one that’s appropriate for the task at hand. They also come with multiple bristles so you can scrub away even the most stubborn contaminants. 

7. Bike Rust Cleaning Kit 

focopot Bike Cleaning Kit (9pcs), Including Chain...
  • 9 Pieces Precision Bicycle Cleaning Brush Tool - Include 1PC Professional Bike Chain Scrubber+2PCS Chain Cleaning Brush+1PC Tire Scrubber+1PC Tarpered Detail Brush+1PC Wheel Brush+1PC Sprocket Scraper+1PC Sprocket Brush+1PC Bike clean mitt.
  • Apply to all bicycles - For free wheel designs, simply attach the cleaner to the chain and use the pedal to turn the chain. For bikes with coaster brakes, the bicycle must be elevated or flipped over in order to work.
  • Easy to clean the bicycle chain - Just mount the chain scrubber under the bike chain, and then put some degreaser into the scrubber, hold the chain scrubber with left hand and turn the pedal with right hand in the counterclockwise direction for cleaning.
  • Pratical - Different brush fits for different parts of bike,quickly, easily and effectively to clean your bike corner dirt, the gunk of chain.The cleaning kit can do basic maintenance work when not ride, even can be used as daily household cleaning tools.
  • Easy to take - The products are made of plastic and corals, small in size, lighter in weight, easy to receive and carry.

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If you’re like most cyclists, you love your bike. But don’t love the way it looks when it’s covered in rust and tarnish. That’s where a bike cleaning kit comes in handy. These kits include everything you need to deep clean your rusty bike chains. 

Particularly the A3 brush with three bristles pointing into the center. This brush is spectacular for cleaning chains, plus it saves you a lot of time.

Overall the whole process of using this kit is sure to restore your chain’s shine and make it look brand new again.

8. Bike Rack  

CXWXC Bike Repair Stand - For Maintenance Workstand...
  • 【Easy-Breezy Bicycle Maintenance】: A bike repair stand is an essential item when you’re working on your bike or carrying out repair work. The bike repair stand lifts the bike off the ground, holds it at a comfortable working height and keeps it stable and secure so you can focus on the task you’re doing, rather than having to use one hand to hold the bike still. Once you’ve used our bike stand, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to even lube a chain without it.
  • 【Max Load 66lbs Bike Stand】: Made of durable welded iron, light-weighted and compact. Constructed with heavy duty tubes and well made head and clamps, plated with ABS to avoid any bike scratches, can effortlessly repairs e-bikes, fat-tire or road mountain heavy bikes with max weight of 66lbs, perfect for home or shop bicycle mechanics.
  • 【Portable And Easy To Store】: This bike stand is very easy to set up and break down, collapses small for storage and travel, and is competitively lightweight. Its tripod base and long legs create a wide and stable footprint, and it has quality quick release collars and closures that help ensure stability within its 46"-78" height adjustment range.
  • 【Universal Convenience】: Able to support bikes up to 30 kg with tubes ranging from 25-45 mm, this bicycle stand will hold your road or mountain bikes with stability and ease. Thanks to a 46"-78" adjustable height and 360-degree rotating clamp, you'll be able to get to work while standing up or sitting down, and don’t need to bend over backwards, causing aches and strains.
  • 【Tool Tray & 4 Stable Legs】: Plastic tool tray with built-in magnetic compartment is lightweight and durable that delivers easy access to tools, lubricants, spare components, and accessories during tune-ups or bike washing sessions. The 4-leg structure with anti-slip rubber bottoms keeps the stand stable at all times; the base can also be fixed to the ground by the screw to enhance its stability

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Bike racks have an articulated arm that allows you to stand your bike upside down in a still position so you can get to all the nooks and crannies. This promotes better rust removal. This wonderful tool can be easily found at any local bike shop near you or can be purchased online. 

9. Bike Chain Breaker 

Bike Chain Breaker

Chain breakers make it easy to remove rusty bike chains, freeing up your hands to do other tasks. Plus, they’re very exciting tools to have in your toolbox.

Oumers Universal Bike Chain Tool with Chain Hook, Road...
  • Handy, Durable and Well Made --- Metal frame with grip coated by rubber for comfortable and anti-slip handling.
  • Integrated chain hook holds links during assembly. Chain Pin Breaker
  • Smart Design, Easy to Break, Easy to Re-chain --- Unique groove on the top make it easy to see how far you have pop the peg out and to remove the cutted chain with peg out of the tool
  • Compact design, portable
  • Universal--Fits the following : Common bicycle chains of 7/8/9/10 speed, suitable for most of bicycles. The bicycle gear scrubber and brush enable to clean bike cassette and other hard to reach places

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10. Air Compressor 

AstroAI Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor Pump...
  • 12 V DC/120 V AC Dual Power: The AstroAI Tire Inflator features dual power supplies, compatible with 12 V car cigarette lighters and 120 V household outlets, convenient for both home and travel use. The AstroAI Tire Inflator can easily switch between high-pressure and high-current inflation modes. High-pressure mode inflates car, bicycle and motorcycle tires along with sports equipment and other small inflatables. Large-volume mode inflates bigger low-pressure objects like air mattresses
  • Revolutionary OmniVent Dissipation: AstroAI's OmniVent Technology represents a robust redesign of the heat dissipation system, which includes axial flow fan blades and re-engineered air ducts, allowing for faster heat dissipation, extending the pump's continuous working time and lifespan.
  • Fast Inflation & 15-Minute Continuous Work: With dual metal motors and a metal cylinder, the tire inflator can continuously work for up to 15 mins. Large-volume mode provides a maximum inflation rate of 350 L/min, quickly inflating large items. High-pressure mode pumps up to 150 PSI, inflating a flat tire from 0 PSI to 36 PSI in 6 minutes. Compatible with cars, bikes, sedans and mid-sized SUVs. NOTE: This pump is incompatible with heavy-duty trucks.
  • Easy Operation & LED Light: This tire inflator is equipped with an LED light which provides excellent illumination at night.And a screen that displays the preset and current tire pressure. The inflator will automatically shut off once reaches the preset pressure. The power cut memory function will automatically record the last set pressure and reapply it on the next inflation. The individual silicone buttons make the pump easier to use. There are four pressure units that can be displayed.
  • Convenient & Easy Storage: This tire inflator is equipped with an air hose compartment, allowing for easy storage of the power cord. Package Includes: Tire inflator, AC/DC power cord, 2*air nozzles, 1*needle valve adapter, 1*replacement fuse, 1*Presta to Schrader adapter and a user manual.Christmas Gift

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Air compressors are the best way to remove rust dust without using water. The most common type of air compressor is the hand-held unit. These units are small and portable, making them easy to use.

Additionally, make sure you have the proper safety gear before working with one.

11. Bike Chain Lube 

Muc-Off Dry Chain Lube, 120 Milliliters - Biodegradable...
  • ULTRA-DURABLE: Muc-Off Bio Dry Lube is an ultra-durable bike chain lube that penetrates deep to provide long-lasting lubrication.
  • REDUCES FRICTION: Advanced formula reduces friction and energy consumption to ensure silky-smooth gear shifts.
  • IDEAL FOR DRY WEATHER: Our Bio Dry Chain Lube uses a wax-based formula to protect against contaminants in dry and dusty conditions.
  • BIODEGRADABLE: Fully biodegradable chain lubricant that is just as friendly on the environment as it is on your ride.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL BIKES: Whether you prefer to hit the road or shred the trails on your MTB, Muc-Off Bio Dry Lube is the perfect choice for protecting your bike’s chain.

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To clean rust from chain surfaces, apply a small amount of bicycle chain lube to a cloth or paper towel. Work the lube into the rusted area. Wipe off after some time. Repeat if necessary.

12. Master Chain Links Plier

Master Chain Link Pliers

Master Chain Link Pliers make removing and replacing master links in chains quick and easy. Simply insert the jaws of the pliers into the link, and they will grip it securely. Then, pull out the link without any hassle. 

Park Tool Master Link Pliers MLP-1.2
  • An updated version of the original and best selling Park Master Link pliers
  • Many non-Shimano derailleur chains use a master link that allows the chain to be installed and removed by hand
  • While this type of master link doesn't require a traditional chain tool, over time, dirt and corrosion can make it very difficult to separate by hand
  • Model number: QKMLP12

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You can also use the pliers to remove links from chains without having to break the connection. This is especially helpful if you want to replace a broken link or if you want to add a new one without affecting any of the old ones.

Steps to remove rust from the entire chain 

Rust is a metal oxide that forms on iron when it is exposed to the elements. It can cause corrosion and damage to metal surfaces and can be hard to remove. However, there are steps you can take to remove rust from your entire chain.

Come on, let’s take a look at them one by one…

1. Examine the Bicycle Chain 

examine bike chain

The first step is to identify where rust is forming in the chain. Look for areas where the metal is oxidizing or where water and air are seeping in.

Once you have identified the areas, move to the second step.

2. Unlink the Chain from the Bike 

Unlink Chain From Bike

Rust can be a major pain to remove, but using an unlink chain tool can make the job much easier.

First, you’ll need to remove the bolts that hold the bike frame together. Be sure to mark which bolt goes where so you don’t lose it later. Once the bolts are removed, loosen the frame joints until the bike is able to move freely.

Next, use an unlink chain tool to detach the master link in chains from the gears and derailleurs. Make sure not to pinch any cables in between the link plates and spokes.

Once all of the chains are detached, it’s time to move to the third step. 

3. Surface Rust Cleaning

Surface rust cleaning is one of the most important steps in restoring a vehicle’s finish. There are several ways to clean rust off of metal surfaces. 

One popular method is to use a chemical stripper. This involves using a strong acid or alkali to dissolve the rust and remove it with water.

Another option is to use a non-toxic rust removal solution. This consists of an acid and a surfactant that work together to break down the rust and loosen it from the surface.

Once rust has been removed, it’s important to clean the area thoroughly so that the same problem doesn’t reoccur. It’s also important to protect the metal surface from future corrosion by coating it with a sealer or wax.

4. Some Proven Methods for Rust-free Bike

Removing Rust From Bike Chain

There is no doubt that this is the most crucial step in rust removal. Here are several options for removing severe rust from your bike chain. Pick the one that sounds more methodologically correct to you. 

You can also try and test a 2-3 methods combo if you have to deal with too much rust.

Dedicated Degreaser 

Bicycle chains are one of the most common parts of a bike that can quickly deteriorate. While chain grease can help to prevent rust, over time, it can also lead to the chain becoming brittle and prone to breaking.

Degreasers basically work by breaking down the corrosion products so that they can be removed without damaging the underlying metal. In addition, degreasers also have anti-corrosive properties, which help protect the bike against further damage.

If you’re looking for a way to take care of your bike’s stubborn and tough rust problems, a degreaser process is definitely an option worth considering.

To remove the rust from bicycle chains, you will need some degreaser and a cloth or pad. You will also want to be careful not to let the degreaser get on any of the moving parts of the bike. 

Start by wetting down the chain with the degreaser and then wiping it clean with the cloth. Be sure to work in a circular motion to ensure that all of the rust is removed.

Once you have finished cleaning the chain, be sure to dry it off completely before re-greasing it. 

Lime Juice Soaked Steel Wool 

If you’re like most people, you probably keep your bicycle in good condition by cleaning and lubricating the chain every few rides. But what if you don’t have access to a bike mechanic? Or what if you just don’t feel like getting your hands dirty? 

One solution is to soak steel wool in lime juice. This will remove rust from the chain, making it ready for another ride. 

To do this, you’ll need:

  • Steel wool (any kind will do- either wire or ball-shaped)
  • Lime juice (or any citrus-based juice)
  • Container with a lid
  • Water

Simply fill your container halfway with water and add enough lime juice to cover the steel wool. Place the steel wool on top of the liquid and let it sit for at least 30 minutes, or up to several hours. 

After 30 minutes have passed, turn on the water and let it run over the steel Wool for about 5 minutes. Remove the steel wool and rinse off all of the lime juice residues.

This method is particularly effective when dealing with rusty spots. By removing the rust layer one piece at a time, it’s easier to avoid damaging the underlying metal.

And since this process is reversible, you can always restore your bike’s chain hygiene when necessary.

Oxalic Acid 

To use oxalic acid, you’ll need to dissolve it in water for some time. Then pour the solution onto the rusted area and let it work its magic.

Be sure to wear gloves and eye protection when working with acid because it can be dangerous if it gets into your eyes or skin. 

Also make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions before using oxalic acid, as there are some precautions that you should take if you have never used this type of product before.

Baking Soda

If you are looking for a solution that removes rust from your chain without resorting to harsh chemicals or expensive replacement parts then baking soda is your way to go.

Simply mix one cup of soda with four cups of water, and spray the solution onto the rusted area. Let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it off with water.

Repeat this process as necessary until the chain rust is gone.

Protective Lubricant 

There is never a bad time to invest in a quality protective lubricant. Especially when it comes to your bike, which can easily become rusty from the regular wear and tear of cycling.

Lubricant actually provides a layer of protection between the chain and the rest of your bike.

There are many types of lubricants available on the market, each with its own unique properties. Some are designed to be water-based, while others are oil-based.

It’s important to choose the right one for your bike and your particular needs, as not all lubricants are compatible with all types of chains. 

5. Reattach Chain Altogether

This is the last step in restoring your bike to its former glory. There are a few different methods that you can use to reconnect the chain, and each one will depend on the type of bike and its particular design.

One option is to use a wire binder. This tool uses metal wires to connect the chain links together, and it is often used for repairing bicycles. You can use a wire binder by placing it over the broken link and then tightening it using a wrench. Make sure that you do not tighten it too much, or you could damage the bike’s frame.

Another option is to use a cable tie. These ties are made from strong, flexible materials, and they are often used in construction work. To use a cable tie, first, make a small loop out of the tie material. Then, insert the loop into the gap between two links on the chain, and twist it tightly.

Approach to prevent future rusting problems 

There are several things that can cause rust to form on metal surfaces. Moisture, exposure to air and UV light, corrosion products from the metal, and the list still goes on.

The most common source of moisture is water droplets that get trapped on the surface of the metal.

However, not an issue anymore because this section is all about bike maintenance tips that keep the power to prevent future rusting problems.

1. Frequently Lubricating 

Lubricating reduces friction, which will keep the chain from becoming rusty.

Additionally, using an oil that is specifically designed for chainsaws can also protect the chain from wear and tear. It’s a great way to keep your bike running smoothly.

2. Storing in Shed

By keeping your bike stored in a shed, you’re essentially eliminating one potential source of chain corrosion. This not only prevents future issues with chain rusting but also keeps your bike in good condition overall. 

3. Drying Bike after Rainy Day

Rain can cause the chain to become wet, and as it dries, it forms little droplets of water which then sit on the chain’s surface. These tiny droplets of water are especially conducive to rust because they provide an environment for corrosion to take place slowly over time. 

You should always dry your bike well to prevent this from happening. Use tools available in the market to simplify your work. 

4. Timely Cleaning

Did you know that cleanliness is key to preventing future chain rusting problems? By keeping your chains clean and free of debris, you’ll prevent them from forming in the first place.

Not only will this keep your bike running smoothly and looking great, but it could also save you money in the long run. 

Conclusion — Rusty Bike Chain

By now, you surely would have got a great idea about what are rusty bike chains, tools that can be used to remove them, and most importantly the very bold steps for getting desired results in no time. Put them to work, and you’ll have a rust-free ride.

Empowered with this knowledge you can restore the shine of your rusty bike back again.

So, I am confident it will work great for you too. If you have any suggestions or doubts, feel free to drop us a comment below. We will be more than happy to assist you with your query. Please like, share, and follow our Facebook Page for more guides like this.

Have fun riding!

Frequently Asked Questions — Rusty Bike Chain

Can you use a bike with a rusted chain?

Rusted chains can cause your bike to malfunction and can even lead to injury. If you think your bike has a rusted chain, clean it before your next use.

Why is my bike chain rusting?

There are many reasons for bike chain rusting, but the most common ones are lack of lubrication, wearing out chain, using low quality, not cleaning regularly, and humidity.


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